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Bathawk Recon anti poaching ops are based on deploying teams eqiuped with UAV's to Parks and Reserves to survey, identify and interdict poachers. The teams include tactically experienced team leaders fixed wing and multi rotir UAVs and Rangers secunded by wildlife authorities.modular units called “Pods” into the bush. Pods consist of Fixed wing UAVs and multi rotor UAVs

Pods will be assigned areas to survey by contracting entities like park authorities, reserve management Wildlife authorities. Specialized night capable sensing equipment will allow pods to survey large areas on a daily basis.

When suspicious activity is detected Multi rotor UAVs can be dispatched to follow potential poachers to their camp. When a camp is identified a night operation can be mounted vehicles and rangers directed to the site and their operation supported by real time UAV collected information.

With the large areas that can be surveyed and the ability to change coverage areas as a result of gathered intelligence this anti poaching tactic will create an immediate and significant deterrent. Bathawk is proposing that this capacity is ramped up to enable a significant number of pods to be deployed and thereby put in place a replicable anti poaching model with game changing capacity.

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1-10 employees

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